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Due to a redesign of the Variprop to the Variprop GP with Gawn profile we no longer offer the Variprofile.


Of course you can still order spare parts for your Variprofile from us at any time or have your propeller serviced and repaired.


You can order spare parts for your Variprofile via e-mail at info@spw-gmbh.de


Would you like to arrange a repair?

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Award for successful engineering performance:
In 2021 the SPW GmbH again receives the renowned DNV-GL-Certificate for feathering Propellers.

The audit of the models VARIPROFILE and VARIPROP was held according to strict guidelines. SPW GmbH is currently the only producer of feathering propellers worldwide holding this type approval.


Basic features of most feathering propellers

When the engine is switched off, the blades automatically turn into sail position due to the water flow.

Lowest flow resistance and depending on wind conditions 15 % to 20 % higher speed. No propeller turbulence and considerably improved rudder action.

When switching to reverse, a slight rotation of the shaft causes the leading edge of the blades to rotate 180°.

Efficiency (thrust) in reverse as in forward, 30% to 40% higher than all fixed pitch propellers. Improved stopping performance. However, this also increases the wheel effect, except when the pitch is set separately Reverse for better control during docking.

How the Variprofile 2-blade operates:

Separate external pitch adjustment:

The external pitch adjustment is separate for forward and reverse. It allows easy, fast and precise, continously variable pitch adjustments to your specific needs. No large and imprecise minimum steps as with others.


The VARIPROFILE is a unique feathering propeller, the first sailing propeller to incoporate the Hi-Tec GAWN/KAPLAN profile in it’s blade design.

This profil is mainly used in high performance fixed props for power boats, rudder profiles and in the aircraft industry.


Less fuel consumption

The VARIPROFILE, with optimal pitch adjustment, not only provides more thrust in forward and reverse than other propellers, but amazingly also uses less fuel doing so. Yanmar-France tested the fuel consumption of a 3-blade VARIPROFILE with a 3-blade ZF standard fixed prop, both on the same Jeanneau SUN ODYSSEY 30i.

The astounding results: Average fuel consumption with the fixed prop was 0.48 liters p. nautical mile vs. O.32 liters with the VARIPROFILE, a reduction of 33 %. YET THE SPEED AT THE SAME RPM WAS AN AVERAGE 7% HIGHER, yielding the best of both worlds: Higher speed and substantially less fuel consumption.


Less drag

Tests have shown that the drag under sail is reduced to the vanishing point. The graphics show the results for 2- and 3-blade propeller, VARIPROFILE in comparison to a folding propeller and a fixed propeller.


Better Hydro-Dynamics

Thanks to the slim profile of the VARIPROFILE hydro-dynamics under sail are excellent.

How well the VARIPROFILE fared is impressively shown in the tests.



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