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„Shaft Lok“ Shaft Brake

Have you ever...

  • ...tried to stop your propeller rotating while sailing?
  • ...tried to manoeuvre your propeller shaft into the right position manually, in order to obtain maximum idleness and greatest possible craft speed?
  • ...realised that if the propeller is permanently rotating in the feathered position, it could damage your gearing?
  • ...had to lock your propeller in a regatta in order to fulfil regatta regulations? We ask this because most regatta regulations do have such a clause!

The Shaftlok shaft brake...

  • ...brings the propeller into an idle and efficient feathered position.
  • ...is engaged by a simple control from the cockpit.
  • ...locks the fixed-pitch propeller in this position up to a speed of 15 knots.
  • ...disengages AUTOMATICALLY as soon as the engine is started AND is shifted into gear.

The Shaftlok shaft brake can be used in almost all crafts:

  • from 15" propellers upwards
  • petrol or diesel engines
  • mechanical or hydraulic transmissions
  • with feathering, folding or fixed-pitch propellers
  • with any shaft diameter


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