New, highly effective propeller anti-fouling VELOX PLUS

VELOX Plus is a special anti-fouling product for bronze propellers and other submerged parts such as the shaft, shaft strut and the end piece of the stern tube, as well as Z-drives and steering gear. Along with very effective action against fouling it also provides good protection against electrolysis. To achieve this, it is necessary to apply a barrier layer of the accompanying metal primer before painting on the anti-fouling product. Once this is done the propeller is excellently protected against fouling and electrolysis.

To obtain a particularly effective result, we recommend spraying on the paint.

VELOX PLUS from SPW comes in white or black. It is available in 0.25l or 0.50l cans. The metal primer is available in the same sizes.

We at SPW are impressed with the VELOX Plus anti-fouling product's outstanding performance in our own yachts in the North Sea. And we have heard the same from customers in the Mediterranean. We would welcome feedback on how it has fared in the Baltic Sea.

Instructions for use VELOX PLUS Anti-fouling
  1. Sand down the surface of the propeller with as-new, fine sandpaper (grit 80 - 100) or sand-blast the propeller to the specified surface roughness.
  2. Remove dust and dirt with a cloth or brush. Never use solvent for cleaning! The adhesive effect can seriously diminish the durability of the paint.
  3. For removing oil or grease residues the paint manufacturer recommends its product - SOLVENT 102 ANTISILICONE - or acetone, which can be purchased from SPW GmbH. If necessary, the propeller must be cleaned with the recommended cleaner - SOLVENT 102 - or acetone after roughening it with sandpaper!
  4. Once the surface has been roughened and is free of dust, apply a coat of the METAL PRIMER supplied (drying time approx. 6 hours). After approx. 6 hours apply coats of propeller anti-fouling paint VELOX PLUS in min. 4-hour intervals drying time between coats approx. 4 hours, 2-3 coats depending on the degree of fouling
  5. For optimum effect, please observe the interval times between coats closely.
  6. Drying time:

    • Dust-free after 30 minutes
    • Dry to touch after 2 hours
    • Can be painted over after 6 hours
    • Enter water after at least 24 hours; at most 4 months.


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