Boat shafts

The standard material for SPW boat shafts is Niro steel, grade 1.4571. This material provides good corrosion resistance together with high strength!

We manufacture our ship shafts for you according to the international standard ISO 4566 with the material grades stainless steel grade 1.4571 or high-strength material grade 1.4462 duplex stainless steel.

The standard material for the manufacturing of our shafts is grade 1.4566. This material has an excellent corrosion resistance and a good running stability in the shaft bearings.

Upon request and for aluminium ships, SPW offers the material of grade 1.4462. This duplex material has a very good tensile strength and surface hardness, but comes with a limited corrosion resistance. Due to the high-quality duplex material, the torsion of the shaft is significantly reduced and due to the stronger properties of the material, a smaller shaft diameter can be installed if necessary. This is often the case with fully or semi planing motor yachts.

If needed, other materials are available. In case of deviations from standard dimensions (e.g. special cone, special thread, special length etc.) we can help you and will be happy to advise you.


Every propeller shaft leaves our facility in perfect condition!


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