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Construction and manufacturing of propellers

The CAD-construction of propellers, especially of non-standard propellers, such as high performance propellers for motor yachts, as well as special propellers for rescue cruisers and authority vehicles like pilot or water police boats, as well as the implementation and realization of electric motors or stirrer propellers.


For this, a precise measurement of components is necessary before production, as it is important for the construction of new propellers, but in any case after the production.

Our employees were trained using our MRI (Measurement Recording Instrument) with state-of-the-art software, TRUEProp from Hydrocomp.

Each propeller is measured three-dimensionally over the propeller blades using many measuring points. This provides excellent product quality and thus guarantees good propeller running under the boats.


From numerous basic profiles, our design engineers can select the right one from the special software precisely matched to the ship type and the intended use and adapt it individually for the respective ship.

Numerous data such as ship length, engine power, yacht weight and much more have to be recorded in order to individually design the right propeller. Not only the diameter and pitch but also the blade profile, the shape of the leading and trailing edges and much more must be precisely determined in order to achieve maximum efficiency, smooth running and efficiency.


Propeller construction is the supreme discipline in shipbuilding. The SPW team masters this discipline perfectly. Every propeller that leaves the company is measured digitally beforehand. This is documented and the customer receives a copy of the protocol of his propeller with the on-board documents.

At SPW, however, we look beyond the trailing edge, so to speak. If a boat is not running, it can be due to the propeller, but we offer complete solutions, from the coupling to the shaft, seal and bearing.

The power train is a system, we look forward to advising you.

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