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Digital 3D Propeller Measuring

SPW GmbH is one of the few companies in Europe who are able to screen and analyze the surface of a propeller with an innovative three dimensional measurement Instrument: The Hale MRI.

The Measurement Recording Instrument (MRI), built by Hale Propeller, LLC in the United States, is one of the technically most advanced  instruments in this area.

The 3D propeller analysis is now used by SPW to build and repair propellers and configure the pitch. Furthermore, it is possible to screen the whole surface to check for probable damages of the propeller. Not only the company's own product line consisting of the VARIPROP and VARIFOLD are screened by the MRI but also propellers from customers with a maximum diameter of 50”.

Thanks to this innovative and modern method and the knowledge of SPW, an analysis is finished in a few minutes, which leads to an excellent quality and efficient service provided by SPW!


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