Extra large and extra strong.

Probably the best automatic feathering propeller for tall ships and superyachts.

The VARIPROP XLS has some unique features compared with other feathering propellers:

Independently adjustable external pitch control

Forward and reverse pitches can be changed in just seconds — even underwater!

Benefits: Custom fine tuning (in micrometer-small increments) of reverse thrust vs. prop-walk. (For most owners, eliminating prop walk is more important than maximizing reverse thrust.)

VARIPROP XLS allows you to customize that balance for optimum control, maneuverability and safety. Independent fine tuning of forward thrust means that VARIPROP XLS delivers the best possible performance (speed, thrust, fuel economy) in forward without compromising reverse performance – and vice versa


Factory-ready delivery

Integrated shock absorber (patented) build into the VARIPROP XLS hub

Benefits: dramatically reduced shock loads on gearbox and drive train, permits shifting at higher speeds without damage, preserves preset pitches by eliminating hard limit stop impacts

The entire drive train benefits: longer cutlass bearing life, minimized wear on gearbox, clutch plate, bearings.


German precision engineering, robustness and long life

Benefits: All XLS-VARIPROP are sealed to avoid loss of grease from the housing during operation. This ensures long life of the mechanical parts and also substantially extends service intervals.

Made following the ISO 9001 quality standard

Custom made propeller vs. mass-produced competitors every VARIPROP is built to order-consistently 100% up to stringent specifications for reliable, smooth and efficient operation. Gears are 35% - 50% larger and stronger than competing props for substantially improved service life.


Comes fully assembled

Benefits: VARIPROP XLS mounts on your shaft just like a solid propeller. No disassembly.


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