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Wolfgang Hass, owner of the SV Gian

I ordered a new propeller for my Jeanneau Odyssey 54DS at the BOOT Düsseldorf in January 2019. Why at SPW? Without starting a discussion about the best feathering- and folding system, one has to find that the Variprop probably is the most precisely crafted product in comparison.

There is no bearing play, nothing rattles, and there are no hard end stops. Also of interest are is the different pitch in forward and reverse. While this was still theory at the boat show, proof could soon be presented.

The delivery of the big wooden box took place in due time. Exchanging the extant 3 blade fixed pitch propeller for the 4 blade Variprop did not cause any problems. All parts fit, including the supplied rope cutter.

What stood out in operation? The Variprop runs very smoothly and vibration-free. It feathers immediately and the performance can be activated immediately. This is also the case during a change of load. When moving forwards, the Jeanneau runs a little bit faster (0.3-0.4 kn) than before. In reverse, the prop walk feels weaker, the propeller runs very powerfully. While in the sailing position, you can see in the wake that there are significantly less turbulences, which is mirrored by a higher speed. I think that a gain of >10 % is absolutely realistic.

Another great effect: The shaft does not turn while sailing anymore. I don’t have to go in reverse, which causes permanent strain on the gearbox.

The Variprop is not a cheap investment – but it is a worthwhile one.


Wolfgang Hass

SV Gian


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