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Knut Haye, owner of a Reinke 10S

As a cruise and regatta sailor, I had the VARIPROP 3-Blade installed and switched to the 4-Blade in 2004. I have to say: The 4-Blade VARIPROP is a stunner. In wind and waves, when sailing doesn‘t work anymore, it is a genuine help. Even harbour or lock manoeuvres in extremely narrow spaces, even without bow and stern thrusters, can be carried out safely. During the 2019 season, I had the opportunity to become familiar with the 4-Blade VARIPROP GP. My test route went through the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to Bornholm. When motoring, the 4-Blade GP proved to be incredibly powerful. Diesel consumption decreased noticeably as well. I have been very satisfied with the SPW feathering propellers for 25 years.

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