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The new SPW VARIPROP GP-110 5-Blade

Nothing comparative available in this category

Running smoothness at its finest, low drag and finally a harbour manoeuvre with our Southerly 32 which only allows for one word: superior.

Certainly, we had a few concerns in the beginning. Why should we launch a new five-blade feathering propeller on the market, although it is widely known that yachts with a hydraulic gear box have to lock the shaft with this blade arrangement? We were curious to see how the new propeller would fare during a real sailing trip in comparison to competitive models.

The 5-blade feathering propeller achieves sensational results under motor! We were especially impressed by the running smoothness, where the VARIPROP GP-110 5-Blade was exemplary. For a secure harbour manoeuvre there is currently nothing comparable in this category! Unsurpassed was the handling especially in the narrow harbour. This was surprising for us as our Southerly 32 is usually hard to handle due to the swing keel and double rudder system plus the middle rigidly and robustly installed skeg as a propeller protection for the beaching of the yacht - can otherwise be rather difficult to navigate. Conclusion: simply ideal for this type of yacht. We had another eyeopening moment while testing the propeller. As with all VARIPROP GPs, the drag of the new propeller during sailing was low. Altogether, the new feathering propeller has low cavitation.

Bottom line: “Great how much grip this five-blade propeller has!”

A few more words regarding the design: The VARIPROP GP-110 5-Blade 18” prototype was finished in spring 2021 and was dimensioned for our yacht which we mentioned above. The idea for this feathering propeller came to life during the first Covid-year 2020. Our SPW design engineer Jörg Adamczyk brought all of his expertise into the development of the propeller and the SPW team built the prototype with meticulousness, heart and soul. It is true that we had similar experiences at the beginning. For example, the VARIPROP GP immediately moved into sail position, although the 5-blade arrangement results in a hydrodynamic rotation behaviour. In practice, we had to lock the shaft with mechanical gearing in reverse gear in order to avoid turning. For owners of larger yachts with yachts with hydraulic gearboxes, there is no way around installing a shaft brake. But if you consider the many advantages, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Bottom line is that everything is right with the 5-blade VARIPROP GP: technology, quality and performance.


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