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Variprop GP = Grand Performance made in Germany

Globally unique with GAWN blade profile: With the VARIPROP Grand Performance we present a new generation of automatic feathering propellers for sailing yachts.

The symmetric high-tech GAWN blade profile is primarily used for high performance fixed pitch propellers in motor boats, for rudder profiles, as well as in the aviation industry. From now on, it can also be found in the new generation of the VARIPROP GP.

Thanks to the GAWN profile, the newcomer on the market persuades with smooth, energy-efficient running. It is possible to decrease the average fuel consumption by up to 10% due to higher thrust, depending on the number of propeller blades.

Or the other way around: The VARIPROP GP allows you to achieve a longer Etmal cruising distance. That is climate friendly: Lower fuel consumption means less CO2 emissions!

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Quality features:

  • Individual prop calculation for your Yacht
  • Pitch setting done by factory ready for using:
    Unpack, install, enjoy sailing
  • SoftStop™ shock absorber
  • Separate external pitch adjustments
  • MADE IN GERMANY built from a high strength NiBrAl Bronze
  • DNV-GL type approval

Award for successful engineering performance:
In 2021 the SPW GmbH again receives the renowned DNV-GL-Certificate for feathering Propellers.

The audit of the models VARIPROFILE and VARIPROP was held according to strict guidelines. SPW GmbH is currently the only producer of feathering propellers worldwide holding this type approval.

Enjoy your sailing trips with the top manoeuvring technology of the VARIPROP GP from the moment you set sail until you moor!

All types are available with a hub diameter of 80 mm, 107 mm and 112 mm (DF-80, DF-107 and DF-112).Technical details and specifications can be found here.

Please contact us – we will be happy to advise, which model is the perfect one for your boat and for your needs!

The VARIPROP GP 2-blade (GP-80 und GP-107)

for smaller sailing yachts up to 40 hp

The VARIPROP GP 2-blade (DF 80 and DF 107) is the standard propeller for smaller sailing yachts with an output of 6 – 40 kW. The 2-blade is ideal for such sailing yachts since it has very high efficiency under power, as well as very low drag, as it only has 2 blades.

The VARIPROP GP 2-blade's manoeuvrability is equally outstanding, since in reverse gear each blade self-adjusts to the optimum pitch.

The VARIPROP GP 2-blade is ideal for racing and cruising.

The VARIPROP GP 3-blade

for sailing vessels and cruising yachts

The VARIPROP GP 3-blade is the original standard propeller for sailing vessels with an output of 6 – 550 kW. It delivers very smooth running, equally good stability especially at sea under power, and very low drag. Just like the VARIPROP GP 2-blade, the 3-blade has outstanding manoeuvrability, since in reverse each blade self-adjusts to the optimum pitch.

The VARIPROP 3-blade is the ideal propeller for cruising yachts. In exceptional cases or higher loads and we recommend our VARIPROP 4-blade.

Der VARIPROP GP 4-blade

Pure power for offshore sailing ships

Especially in blue water conditions, excessive blade loading causes cavitational noises, bubbles on blades and resulting loss of power, just when you need it most in the trough.

The solution is the VARIPROP 4-Blade — to-date worlds most modern 4-blade feathering propeller, with 30% larger blade areas, less blade loading, much greater thrust and undiminished power.

A smaller diameter fits where others cannot. Fit a 4 blade VARIPROP. The cost is less than you might think. The results are simply amazing. Smooth running, tremendous power under all conditions, no vibration.


Running smoothness at its finest, low drag and finally a harbour manoeuvre with our Southerly 32 which only allows for one word: superior.

Learn more about the Variprop GP 5-Blade


Special needs require special solutions: the VARIPROP XLS is probably the best automatic feathering propeller for tall ships and superyachts.

Learn more about this extraordinary feathering propeller


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