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3- and 4-blade Power: The Variprop "Blue Water"

The high seas require power and endurance. High strain on the propeller blades when motoring can lead to cavitation noise on the blades in the wave trough, where high thrust is necessary. Vapour bubbles are a consequence of cavitation that can cause an enormous loss of power.

The solution to this problem is called VARIPROP 4-Blade, currently the most modern 4-blade feathering propeller in the world. Its advantages: a significantly larger blade surface, considerably less strain on the blades, remarkably higher thrust. This means a consistent performance in wind and waves! Moreover, the VARIPROP 4-Blade is perfectly suitable for installation in smaller apertures thanks to its smaller diameter.

Smooth running in wind and waves, great thrust, no vibrations! – Choose the VARIPROP 4-Blade. Too costly? Not at all: The costs are lower than you would expect.

„As a cruise and regatta sailor, I had the VARIPROP 3-Blade installed and switched to the 4-Blade in 2004. I have to say: The 4-Blade VARIPROP is a stunner. In wind and waves, when sailing doesn‘t work anymore, it is a genuine help. Even harbour or lock manoeuvres in extremely narrow spaces, even without bow and stern thrusters, can be carried out safely. During the 2019 season, I had the opportunity to become familiar with the 4-Blade VARIPROP GP. My test route went through the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to Bornholm. When motoring, the 4-Blade GP proved to be incredibly powerful. Diesel consumption decreased noticeably as well.

I have been very satisfied with the SPW feathering propellers for 25 years.“

– Knut Haye, owner of a Reinke 10S


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