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VARIFOLD smart Edition (SE)

The folding propeller for solving problems

Ideal for price-conscious owners of small series yachts with engine installations from 6 to 40 hp. Available as 2- and 3-blade version for either saildrive or shaft drive.

  • Perfect blade design
  • Impact-absorbing buffers at the blade opening
  • Robust Nibral bronze guarantees durability
  • Optimised modern production through robot-assisted CNC technology in the machining and grinding shop
  • MRI quality-tested

So much depends on the propeller of your yacht:
Your enjoyment of sailing and especially your safety on the water!

So why settle for the standard? In the past, yacht owners with conventional folding propellers had to fight against many problems. Some of the recurring symptoms were loud noises, vibrations and low reverse thrust due to unreliable opening of the blades.

Since the VARIFOLDs were introduced to the market in 2000, such problems have become obsolete. The VARIFOLD has already been rightly dubbed the “Whispering Folding Propeller” by the magazine “Meer und Yachten”.

The VARIFOLD smart optimises the VARIFOLD series as a real charmer among the folding propellers and, as a 2- and 3-blade version, offers you fast sailing with lots of fun when rounding the windward buoy at regattas and confident cruising for touring sailors. An all-rounder for racers and cruisers that is second to none.

When required, the VARIFOLD smart offers effective thrust and low-vibration running under engine power.

If you would like to know more about the VARIFOLD smart, please contact us. We are guaranteed to determine the optimum VARIFOLD smart for your yacht and make you a happy folding propeller owner.



The VARIFOLD smart was designed by SPW’s chief designer to offer an efficient folding propeller in the VARIFOLD series with 2 or 3 blades especially for small yachts up to 40 hp.

The VARIFOLD smart is a product of SPW GmbH Germany. The concentrated competence and expertise in the field of special propeller construction, e.g. for luxury sailing yachts, contributed to the development of the VARIFOLD smart blade. The result: a folding propeller that is almost revolutionary.

The VARIFOLD smart combines all the advantages of a fixed pitch propeller with the low drag of a folding propeller for optimised sailing. Due to the special blade design, the VARIFOLD smart also has a quiet, low-vibration run for relaxed motoring and offers good manoeuvring in the harbour.

If you combine all the technical advantages into one simple statement, you can say: “The VARIFOLD smart keeps its promises and works perfectly!”



Simplest assembly and highest safety:

The VARIFOLD smart is uncomplicated to assemble following the assembly instructions.

Sturdy bolts ensure that the propeller blades are reliably secured. These have holes through which the locking screw of one blade is screwed far into the hub. This extremely reliable securing of all blades ensures that no blade can get lost!

The material of the VARIFOLD smart is a high strength nickel-aluminium alloy. This marine bronze is protected against electrolysis and corrosion by an anode on the saildrive hub, and by a shaft ring anode in the case of a shaft installation.



The VARIFOLD smart has a very low drag with any number of blades. In contrast to conventional folding propellers, the VARIFOLD smart offers a very stable sailing position and maintains it even at high sailing speeds.

For all courses, whether broad reach, beam reach or close-hauled: the VARIFOLD smart makes itself scarce, all tacks and gybes work, the sailing characteristics improve significantly, the yacht can be sailed almost like a dinghy.


VARIFOLD smart in reverse

The VARIFOLD smart opens reliably in reverse due to its hydrodynamics and unique blade design. The reverse thrust is significantly better than that of conventional folding propellers.

VARIFOLD smart in forward

Most folding propellers tend to be noisy and vibrate a lot, a problem that can increase with higher engine power. If your yacht has an engine from 6 to 500 hp, we have a VARIFOLD for you that ensures quiet vibration-free running under engine power.

However, our VARIFOLD smart is available for you as a 2- and 3-blade up to 40 hp, while the VARIFOLD cruise is available for you as a 3- and 4-blade for all other powers up to 500 hp.



The unique opening technology of the VARIFOLD smart will convince you. In addition to centrifugal force, this folding propeller also opens via the torque of the shaft, resulting in a particularly smooth and reliable opening. This specially curved blade profile ensures very high thrust as well as quiet and smooth propeller running.

How the Varifold 2-blade operates:

„We installed a VARIFOLD smart 3 blades with smaller radius, folding, with a new blade design and built in high strength NIBRAL Alloy material. Which is much stronger and especially for ice regions certificated. No more noises, vibrations, soft running, Makoré passed from 6,5 kn to 7,3 kn at cruising speed, and becomes much more powerful at acceleration.“

Fabrice und Isabelle, Weltumsegler mit der Makoré II



The Varifold smart folding Propeller is a charmer due to its compact small size. Available with 2 or 3 blades for optimised sailing with fun and effective smooth motoring. The saildrive hub contains hard-wearing rubber buffers which fit firmly inside special milled outcut recesses inside the hub. This ensures that the propeller starts smoothly and the saildrive is reliably protected without the possibility that the inner damping buffers coming loose – the best technology for the longevity of the system.