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VARIFOLDs are designed to solve problems which have affected folding propellers since they were first introduced.

PG Johansson of Baltic Yachts on the 4-Blade VARIFOLD fitted to a Baltic 147 (45 m, 75 to).

Working with SPW, and other companies in the Bruntons group, who design and manufacture propellers for vessels as diverse as nuclear submarines and luxury motor yachts, the designers have achieved their objectives.

The resulting range of propellers share design features which are little short of revolutionary. VARIFOLD marries virtually all the benefits of a fixed propeller when motoring, to those of a low drag folding propeller when sailing.

VARIFOLD's very low noise and vibration characteristics are achieved by state of the art blade design and proper helical pitch distribution, including pitch reduction towards the blade tip. This radically reduces cavitation and, in combination with the skewed blades, greatly reduces noisy pressure pulses against the hull.

No other manufacturer offers this full package on such a wide range of folding propellers. Putting the technicalities to one side it’s very simple - VARIFOLDs work!

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