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Perfect Propulsion

  • Modern folding propeller for serial yachts
  • Cambered bladedesign
  • Excellent thrust
  • 3- and 4-blade version available
  • For engines up to 750 HP

The outstanding foldingpropeller-range VARIFOLD cruise is available as 3- and 4-blade version.

VARIFOLD is the propeller of choice for many highly respected yacht manufacturers and their customers.

This site will tell you more about the unique design features which find VARIFOLDs being fitted to Swans, Baltic Yachts, Wally's and Moody's to name but a few.

learn more about the the specific features of the VARIFOLD cruise series »

Impressive technology

VARIFOLD is the definition of outstanding quality of material and technology. Nickel aluminium bronze material guarantees durability and high corrosion resistance. Alongside its opening and running features, VARIFOLD is impressive on the supposed weak points of a propeller. Take, for example, the hard-wearing rubber buffers in the saildrive hub, fixed in the special cut-outs – ensuring the propeller starts up gently yet the buffers cannot become detached. The saildrive hub is isolated to protect against electrolysis.

How the Varifold 3-blade operates:


VARIFOLDs are designed to solve problems which have affected folding propellers since they were first introduced.

PG Johansson of Baltic Yachts on the 4-Blade VARIFOLD fitted to a Baltic 147 (45 m, 75 to).

Working with SPW, and other companies in the Bruntons group, who design and manufacture propellers for vessels as diverse as nuclear submarines and luxury motor yachts, the designers have achieved their objectives.

The resulting range of propellers share design features which are little short of revolutionary. VARIFOLD marries virtually all the benefits of a fixed propeller when motoring, to those of a low drag folding propeller when sailing.

VARIFOLD's very low noise and vibration characteristics are achieved by state of the art blade design and proper helical pitch distribution, including pitch reduction towards the blade tip. This radically reduces cavitation and, in combination with the skewed blades, greatly reduces noisy pressure pulses against the hull.

No other manufacturer offers this full package on such a wide range of folding propellers. Putting the technicalities to one side it’s very simple - VARIFOLDs work!

Opening technique with a difference

VARIFOLD's unique opening technique will impress you. You see, this folding propeller not only opens by means of centrifugal force, but also by means of the shaft torque, resulting in particularly smooth and reliable opening.The VARIFOLD has a cambered design. This specially cambered blade profile delivers very high thrusts and quiet and smooth propeller running.

The VARIFOLD in action:

VARIFOLD sailing

VARIFOLD, in all its versions – two, three and four blade, is an exceptional low drag racing propeller. Unlike some folding propellers, on most installations VARIFOLDs do not rotate when sailing, even at higher speeds.


VARIFOLDs open when you go astern! This is again a feature of the design which relies on hydrodynamics as well as inertia to assure reliability. Thrust is greater than other folders by virtue of the design.



Most folding propellers suffer from varying degrees of noise and vibration and the problem becomes worse the more power the propeller has to deliver. If your yacht has an engine from 20hp to 750hp, there is a VARIFOLD for you which will provide high thrust with smooth and quiet running.



The remarkable VARIFOLD cruise propeller range is available as three and four blade versions. VARIFOLD is the propeller of choice for many highly respected yacht manufacturers and their customers. For years, owners of yachts equipped with folding propellers have suffered from a multitude of problems to which there seemed no solution.

High noise, vibration and cavitation levels, poor astern performance and unreliable blade opening degraded the enjoyment of ownership. With a three model range covering all sizes of yacht, owners can enjoy the benefits that VARIFOLD brings.

The VARIFOLD cruise 3-blade

The VARIFOLD cruise 3-blade is a design breakthrough in propeller technology: a winning combination of good thrust, improved performance in reverse manoeuvres and smooth, quiet running when powered. Developed especially for cruising and racing yachts, its cambered design combined with skewed blade tips ensures that maximum thrust is delivered with minimum noise and vibration.

VARIFOLD's feathered position is also unique. The blades fold in with only the slightest of gaps, thereby minimising drag when sailing. The blades open out against rubber buffers fitted in the hub. These buffers cushion the blades when  the propeller opens into drive position. Each VARIFOLD is dynamically finely balanced, and, with its gleaming, matt finish, stands out as a top-quality propeller. Folding propeller in mother-of-pearl finish.

  • Diameter 406 mm to 813 mm or 16” to 32”
  • For engines rated to 350 HP
  • Available for shafts & saildrives
  • Latest blade design incorporates high skew and cambered blades for smooth operation
  • Pitch reduction at the tip to reduce pressure pulses on the hull

The VARIFOLD cruise 4-blade

The VARIFOLD cruise 4-blade propeller is available with a diameter of up to 1016 mm. 4 strengths for on-board comfort which fulfil a modern skipper's every desire. Just as with the 3-blade series, the outstanding feature of the blades is their modern cambered design. This special blade shape not only lends the VARIFOLD exceptional visual appeal, but also unparalleled thrusts!

The propeller was designed and developed to the production stage in close collaboration between Bruntons Propellers and SPW GmbH, SPW having conceived the design and Bruntons taking on construction. The end-product is a 4-blade propeller that delivers greatly increased top speed under sail and much smoother running when powered. See a high-performance Baltic 147 (with Caterpillar 710 hp engine) with mounted 4-blade VARIFOLD.

  • Diameters up to 1016 mm or 40”
  • For engines rated to 750 HP
  • Designed for high power sailboats, to minimise noise & vibration
  • Incorporates the latest low noise blade design
  • High blade area minimises cavitation and thrust breakdown at full power giving improved efficiency and speed


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