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Fixed Pitch Propellers & Special Propellers

SPW manufactures propellers with 2, 3, 4 and 5 blades in various materials from manganese-bronze for displacement boats to high-strength Nibral-bronze for high-performance propellers.

Propellers are manufactured for ISO 1:10 tapers or SAE 1:16, as well as British Standard 1:12 shafts. If required, SPW also manufactures special propellers for non-standard tapers.

All SPW propellers are dynamically balanced and MRI tested, so Class 1 or Class 2 propellers are supplied as standard for optimum performance and smooth running without vibration.

In addition to propellers from our own production, we offer Nakashima propellers as a central importer for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Nakashima is one of the leading propeller manufacturers on the global market and also offers an extremely high quality standard.

We deliver at short notice so you can still enjoy your holiday.

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Our range of custom-made propellers

The propeller series Europoise is designed for displacement ships, e.g. fishing boats, trawlers, sailing yachts, motor sailers, surveying ships, etc. - at a speed of up to 14 knots these ensure smooth running.

Material: manganese-bronze
Available: 2, 3- und 4-blade propeller


The most commonly used type of custom-made propellers for medium speed luxury yachts (20 – 30 kn), semi-planing and planing boats.

Material: Nibral-Bronze (high-tensile material)
Available: 3-, 4- und 5-blade with different surface proportions

For luxury motor yachts and any other type of ship with high engine power, where there is a demand for smooth running and economy at high thrust values. High skew design promises high performance at low vibration and noise with fuel savings in the rated speed range.

Material: Nibral-Bronze (high-tensile material)
Available: 3-, 4- und 5-blade with different surface proportions

The Powerflow is specifically designed for workboats, especially for fishing boats, tugboats and pilot boats. These propellers are individually tailored to a particular boat and suitable for the robust environment of workboats. The profiles are optimised in regard to efficiency and speed, which minimises cavitation erosion.

Material: special alloy
Available: 3-, 4- und 5-blade

The Katapult is a special propeller option for high speed ships (35 Kn + ), such as recreational boats, patrol boats and sea rescue boats and is specially designed for ultimate performance at sea. These propellers are individually customized to the specifications of a particular ship. These unique profiles are then optimised to achieve maximum speed, reactivity and efficiency.

Material: Nibral-Bronze (high-tensile material)
Available: 3-, 4- und 5-blade

We design and manufacture propellers according to your requirements for a wide variety of applications, e.g.

  • Stirrer propellers of various materials and qualities, e.g.:

    • Titanium propellers for stirring hydrochloric acid

    • Stainless steel propellers for cosmetics or foodstuff

    • Steel propellers for agitators in agriculture and tile production

  • Design for special projects such as SERVOPROP by Oceanvolt

  • Design of special propellers and stern gear for any project


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