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Propeller request

Propeller request

Required Propeller(s)?

Fixed Propeller

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Engine data

Type of Gearbox

Details on Shaft and Taper

European ISO-Norm (ISO4566) 1:10
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Current Propeller and Boat

Direction of rotation

Measurements of the propeller installation

Comment to the propeller-calculation:

Please fill in this information-list carefully because the data stated by you give us the basis for the propeller calculation. We point out that a calculated propeller is always only a recommendation! A guarantee that the calculated propeller is the "right one", cannot be given since the computer calculation is only a theoretical optimum.

Only the test drive shows actual results. If these should not correspond to the expected optimal conditions, an adjustment of the propeller should be made. Consequential expenses like Hauling, Assembling, Installing and Freight charges etc. are not paid by SPW!

In this field please state the problems you are experiencing with your current propeller.

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