Zinc anodes

In our range you will also find a large selection of different zinc anodes.

These can be categorised into sail propeller anodes, shaft anodes, craft hull anodes and saildrive anodes, which you can look up below and order directly in our online shop.


We note that the following spare parts should be installed only as original parts from SPW:

  • Anodes, screws, retaining washers for shafts
  • Special grease

This especially concerns the installation of the anodes.

We know that imitated anodes are available on the market, but they are not technically suitable. They are not equivalent to the original spare parts and will lead to malfunctions of the VARIPROP. Imitated anodes cannot be attached to the VARIPROFILE without an improper change.

Any warranty claims are invalid!



  • DF 80*
  • DF 107*
  • DF 112*
  • DF 128
  • DF 140

*Available in zinc, magnesium and aluminum

Variprop XLS

  • DF 180/210
  • DF 230/260
  • DF 280/310
  • DF 380


  • VP 64**
  • VP 76**

**Available in zink, magnesium and aluminum


  • VF 70-SD
  • VF 108/120***
  • VF 160

***Available in zinc and magnesium.

SHAFT- Anodes

Shaft-anode (ring), devided

  • 20/22/25 x 15
  • 30/25/38.1/40 x 20
  • 45/50/55/60 x 25


  • 20/22/25/25.4 x 65
  • 30/32/35/38.1 x 70
  • 40/45 x 70, 50/55 x 80
  • 60/65 x 85

Zincanode for  fixing-nute

  • SW36
  • SW40
  • SW46
  • SW50
  • SW55
  • SW60
  • SW75

Matching with this, you will also receive the fixing-nutes by SPW.
Just have a look in our online-shop or contact us.


Bukh SD

  • Ringanode (devided)

Volvo Penta SD

  • 110 & 120 (ring, undivided)
  • 120S (ring, bisected for adapter)
  • 130 & 150 (bisected)


  • Ringanode (undivided)

Yanmar SD

  • Ringanode for SD 20/30/40/50/60 (devided)

You will receive an anode for the hull as well for aluminum as for steel boats.

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