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Stuffing box

SPW supplies sealing systems of various types for sports boating and stuffing boxes from its own production.

The product range also includes mechanical seals for stern tubes as a replacement for the compression glands.

Our SPW stuffing box offers 3-fold safety through a 3-chamber system. The following components belong to this 3-chamber system:

  1. Tallow band sealing: The tallow band sealing is pressed onto the shaft with the stuffing piston, which ensures even and continuous sealing.
  2. Grease chamber: An additional grease cushion inside the bush (supply by means of a grease accumulating bush or grease gun) provides the shaft with excellent sliding properties. Thereby,  firstly safety is guaranteed, and, secondly, the danger of the shaft running in - due to dry tallow bands - is minimized many times over!
  3. Shaft seal: A shaft seal prevents grease from escaping to the outside and water from penetrating to the inside!

Slide the rubber hose over the stern tube and tighten the existing heavy duty clamps. The SPW stuffing box already has a pre-load in the stopper on delivery, so that the stopper can only be readjusted after approx. 30 hours of motor operation.

Furthermore, the supplied grease accumulation bushing is already completely filled with grease. However, if desired, an extension can be fitted so that a grease gun can be installed in a grease box.

For this purpose, additional grease fittings and a high-pressure grease hose are supplied. If desired, a spindle or hand lever grease gun can then be connected to this. Please specify the length of the hose.

Seals-ø mm Stern tube-ø mm A ø mm B ø mm
20 35-50 130 105
22 35-50    
25 40-50    
30 45-55 140 105
32 45-55    
35 50-70 155 125
38 55-70    
40 60-70    
45 70-80 195 135
50 70-80    

Special sizes are manufactured on request and are available at any time!

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