SPW Flexible Couplings

SPW Coupling – the optimum connection from the gear to the propeller shaft for a power transmission showing low vibrations within the power train. By using modern joint discs which are applied in manifold manners within the industry the SPW couplings fulfil a lot of requirements.

Ranges of application:

  • Installation between reversing gear and propeller shaft

Special features:

  • SGF joint disc
  • Pitch circles of the most distributed gears integrated in a flange. Other Pitch circles are manufactured as per your instruction without surcharge.


  • Reduced vibration and sound transmission within the hull
  • Galvanic separation of motor and shaft plant
  • High-elastic — torsional vibration and shock absorption
  • Deviations within the motor bearings and misalignments are adjusted up to 3°
  • Transmission via loop packs without metallic connection
  • Absolutely maintenance-free
  • Comfortable installation by clamping flanges
  • Extension of durability of components in power train

Adjustment of axial misalignment up to 2 mm

Adjustment of radial misalignment

Adjustment angular misalignment up to 3°

The center piece of the SPW coupling is the SGF joint disc. Because of its elasticity and absorption features the joint discs produce a shock-absorption and electrical insulation. The special feature of the joint discs is that the loop packs of textile fibres are vulcanized. By the embedding of the fibres in rubber the torque is taken biaxial and transmitted which offers a better comfort compared to other couplings.


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