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FYD-Adventure e.V. (Follow your dreams) is a non-profit organisation of public interest that is not associated with any government or political party. Together with numerous international partners, it will realise a voyage of research and discovery in the spirit of global understanding.

This research voyage will take the form of a 10-year circumnavigation of the globe accompanied by scientists, researchers and guests in over 100 countries on all oceans and several rivers of the world, covering approximately 113,500 nautical miles (210,000 km). Many land expeditions complement the project.

More information and details about the maritime voyage of discovery as well as development cooperation, to name just a few of the planned projects, can be found at www.fyd-adventure.com.


FYD - Adventure e. V. (registered association)

Kienitzer Oderstrasse 46
15324 Letschin / GERMANY

+49 3 34 78 38 87 55
+49 1 57 73 20 06 91


World map of the sailing route


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