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Highest quality requires high employee-qualification


SPW GmbH employs about 20 employees – they are all permanent staff. The training in the production facilities, a dual study programme in business administration, as well as further education and training for the AEO-certification of our company (Authorized Economic Operator) has been a part of SPW’s philosophy for years.

From the start, we value the internalization of our high quality standards, which are thereby consistently implemented by our employees – an important part of our company’s service.

Core competence

Distribution and propeller calculation

A good propeller is only as good as its calculation! Especially the propeller technology, which is often referred to as the supreme discipline in shipbuilding, requires a lot of experience!

Our staff in the distribution department, as well as at boat shows worldwide, have a sound knowledge of propeller technology, which requires good training and is also complemented by their own experience as water sports enthusiasts.

Numerous data, such as the overall length of the vessel, the engine data, the yacht’s displacement need to be gathered in order to calculate the propeller indivdually for the vessel.

Not only the diameter and pitch, but also the blade profile, number of blades and much more need to be precisely determined to achieve maximum efficiency, smooth running and effectiveness.

The calculation of propellers for yachts and boats is computer-aided, but in order to achieve an optimal installation for a yacht, vast experience is significant.

There are many different types of yachts and boats, which is the reason why the assessment for the propeller calculation lies in the hands of our employees.

It is easier to calculate the right propeller for serial yachts, but there are more complex cases, such as traditional boats, tall ships, flat-bottomed ships, trawlers, motorboats for displacement, semi-planing and planing, ship’s tenders, policeboats, rescue cruisers and many more.

This complex field of competence is serviced by our motivated staff.

Our sales division is always by your side, to the best of their knowledge and belief.


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